welcome to harborough


Welcome to Harborough Nurseries, where garden designer and plantsman, Tony Howard, and interior designer, Sebastian Haywood, have combined their expertise to create a modern twist on garden design - bringing your outdoor space inside and your inside space outdoor.

Please visit The Shop At Harbobourgh to see a wonderful eclectic array of Metal and Wood collectables for sale.


Tony Howard is a garden designer and plantsman with more than 20 years experience. With a wealth of knowledge of how any plant will perform in a given space, he has the ability to put planting combinations together that will work visually and naturally, including texture, form and colour.

He is always happy to advise what plants work where and how to care for them, which in turn, will give you years of pleasure.

Skilled in both the ornamental and the vegetable garden, Tony has worked with some high profile people in the country, be it on big estates or smaller gardens including Great Dixter, the Head Gardener at Fairlight Hall, Port Eliot and Sophie Conran to name but a few.

Sebastien Haywood has a long standing and successful background in Exhibitions and Interior Design in London and uses his unique eclectic flair to furnish and style the shop and part of the nursery.

Using his considerable organising and design proficiency he makes sure projects are run effectively and completed to every client's satisfaction. Now using those skills for you outdoor and indoor space has never been easier.